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NorthernGates Barn
Heated Wash Bay Tack Up Area for Horses

The Main Stable


Stable Features:

  • 16 Hi-Qual box stalls

    • (3) 10’x12’

    • (12) 10’x10’

    • (1) 7’x10’ pony stall


  • Eco-Flex® Stall Flooring

    • 2.5” thick mattress

    • ¼” rubber top cover

    • Non-slip and water proof


  • Eco-Flex® Rubber Sidewalk & Aisle Way

    • Anti-slip in rain and snow seasons

    • Warmer than concrete floors

    • Flexible and Safe

    • Will not heave or crack


  • Automatic water bowl in each stall

  • Heated tack/feed room separate from stall side

  • Heated stall side separate from tack room

  • Automatic ventilation

  • Water and moisture tight lighting and outlets

  • Fully insulated attic (R-50)

  • Fully insulated walls (R-20)

  • Separate tack/feed/washroom area-no need to tack up in aisle

  • 2 full size tack/wash stalls

  • Hot & cold water in wash stalls

  • Hot & cold water at outside taps

  • Constant pressure system throughout facility-means no water pressure loss when watering arena, washing horses and drinking from water bowls all at the same time.

  • 4’ wide walk-thru doors for fully tacked up horses

  • Indoor restroom





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