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Riding Lessons With Nadine DeKoning



NorthernGates Stables has a limited number of lesson spots available with Nadine DeKoning.  

The secret to our program is understanding our sport is technical in nature and requires precision and accuracy to do it correctly.   Our riders learn the hand, leg, and weight aids individually at low speeds before combining them all together at a quicker pace to thoroughly enjoy our fast and fun courses.

Our emphasis on taking the time to build a solid foundation, pairing riders with correct and safe horses, and only ever advancing at the right pace for each individual rider has lead to current and past successes.

We can tailor make a program specifically to you.  Whether the starting point be you have never touched a horse before to advancing your hunter / jumper rounds, you will fall in love with our supportive and kind environment. 

We own several show-quality lesson horses.  If you own your own horse ask us about our boarding options.   Multiple references available.


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