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Hunter Jumper Horse

RSH Millions: Two Year Old Sport Horse Stud. Available for Live Cover to Select Mares.

NorthernGates Stables Price List


Horse Related:


  • Indoor Horse Board: $1200 

  • Outdoor Horse Board: $600

  • Riding Lesson on Privately Owned Horse: $50

  • Riding Lesson on Rented School Horse: $80

  • Coach Rides (Home): $30

  • Coach Rides (Off Property): $50 

  • Trailering: $60 / Hour (Fuel Surcharges May Apply)

  • Part-Boarding: Varies (See Note 1)

  • Horse Lease: Varies (See Note 2)

  • Special at Home Course Days: Varies (Dependent on Jump Fill Used)

  • Clinics From Other Coaches: Varies

Note 1: Some privately owned horses in the stable are occasionally available for part-board. Prices and availability are not set by NorthernGates Stables management. Part-boards are private contracts between the owner and part-boarder. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a part-board horse, and we can help set up a meeting between you and the horse's owner. 

Note 2: Leasing a horse is like horse ownership, but for a set period of time. Most leases are year long contracts. NorthernGates Stables owns several horses available for lease. Pricing is dependent on the quality and experience level of the horse. 

Hay Related:

​(The following prices are year and quality dependent.)

  • First Cut Small Squares: $9

  • Second Cut Small Squares: $10

  • 900 LBs Round Bales: $85 - $95 (Field and Quality Dependent)

Package Discounts:

Package Discounts
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