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Flatwork Training For Showjumping

From The British Showjumping Video

Leg Yield Along The Wall

Shorten the inside rein so that the riders elbow does not come behind the hip

The Shoulders upright, yet relaxed.  This stops the rider from crossing the hand over the wither

It must remain soft and encourage soft flection into the bend

The outside rein balances and limits the bend at the base of the neck

The outside leg is just on the girth

The rider looking forward

Open the inside hip and touch the inside leg just behind the girth, without lifting and pulling the heel back, allowing the inside knee to pull away slightly from the saddle

The rider is sitting to the inside but not leaning their upper body

The horse should move away from the touch of the leg but remain relatively straight in his body

You will see a slight flection at the poll to the inside, away from the direction of the movement

The inside hind leg steps forward and across in front of the outside hind

The outside fore steps forward and the regularity of the steps should be maintained

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